All About Coupons!

What’s better than Penzeys spices? Free Penzeys spices of course!

Penzeys has a very smart marketing department. They know that their products are good and that if people try out their spices, they’ll come back for more. At least, this strategy has been effective on me! Some of my favorite Penzeys products are things I picked up from promotions. Maybe I’m too trusting, I but generally believe that if Penzeys is promoting something, it’s because it’s really good. Especially when it comes to free promotions, Penzeys coupons offer a low risk way to spice up your cooking routine.

There are a few different ways to get these coupons. You can find them in Penzeys brick and mortar stores, attached to the Penzeys catalog, or you can find the around the net as web promotions. But the easiest way for me is to get coupons is through the Penzeys email list.

A group of spices I first tried through a coupon!

Email list

If you’re not on Penzey’s email list, I definitely recommend it. They’ll send you emails announcing new products and come with tons of coupons. Most promotions are a free jar of spices, but I’ve even gotten a free mug and a dish towel through these coupons! They often require that you make a purchase of a certain dollar amount on other products, but some deals are free without any purchase necessary.

Both types of promotions are only for a limited time, so try to line up your orders/trips with any promotion that’s caught your eye. I’ve noticed that Penzeys will often set a date and then extend it if they are particularly excited about the product. Penzeys also uses their email list to solicit recipes that use their products, and story submissions they can put on their website and magazine, giving you a fun way to interact with the company. To sign up, send a request through this link. As a note, this page asks you to enter your email and the emails of your friends. Personally, I’d make sure I had clear permission before signing anyone up for an email list.



The catalog is more focused on telling stories and sharing recipes than in collecting them. Almost every catalog comes with a coupon that will occasionally differ from the one in the email promotion, so if you’re keen on maximizing your Penzeys coupons, be sure to sign up for both.. Penzeys has mentioned in emails that they’re using their catalogs less and emails more, but the catalogs still make for a fun read plus you get a coupon.


Online promotions

Online promotions usually show up as a popup message when you first load the website. They typically are a free gift of some sort when you make an online purchase of a certain dollar amount. You can also apply coupons to online orders.



I highly recommend taking advantage of these promotions -there’s no arguing with free spices! But more importantly, I often find that products I get through promotions help get me get out of my culinary comfort zone. When I first started shopping at Penzeys I looked down on seasoning blends, because my reference points were low quality products that relied on lots of salt, citric acid, and cheap flavorless herbs. Surely a serious cook would never use a pre-made blend, let alone “convenience items” like garlic powder or dehydrated veggies. Turns out, I was wrong! I first tried Tsardust Memories, Roasted Garlic Powder, and Mural of Flavor through promotions and I’m still loyal to them! These promotions have challenged my preconceived notions about cooking and I can honestly say that now I’m a better cook for it. The real value of the coupons is not the money you save, but the experience you’ll gain from trying new spices.

I’d love to hear coupon stories from you! Did you ever pick up something thinking you’d never use it and then get hooked? Tell me your coupon story in the comments!



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