Roasted Garlic Powder

I am a Roast Garlic Powder evangelist!

Roasted Garlic Powder is a product that I never imagined myself liking but is now a pantry staple in my house. I got Roasted Garlic Powder through a promotion. In fact, I had the coupon sitting on my counter and it wasn’t used until my roommate mentioned she was going to be near the store for another purpose and I passed off the coupon to her. I thought it would be gimmicky; I thought of garlic powder as a cheap shortcut product, and overall didn’t have high expectations for this product. Once we got it home and started cooking with it, I quickly changed my mind

When I run out of most Penzeys products I’ll do without until I make our next trip or order. When I run out of Roasted Garlic Powder, I can no longer wait. A trip to the Penzeys store gets scheduled or an order gets made. I use this product on a near daily basis.

Roasted Garlic Powder is exactly what it claims to be. It’s has the sweet, toasted flavor of roasted garlic in powder form. It has larger grains than a traditional powdered garlic and the flavor is much more complex.

I use Roasted Garlic Powder in a variety of capacities. It’s a great flavor shortcut. If I’m making a quick veggie side dish on a weeknight and don’t want to bother to chop and toast garlic, Roasted Garlic Powder is perfect. Similarly, if I’m cooking in my crock pot where I won’t be getting any toasted browned flavor, Roasted Garlic Powered adds a lot of complexity and flavor without needing to heat up another skillet to saute the garlic before adding it. I use it often in chili, braised meat, and pasta sauce.

I have one piece of advice and one minor complaint with Roasted Garlic Powder.

First the advice: remember that Roasted Garlic Powder is already roasted! If you throw this into shimmering oil with your other spices to bloom, it can burn pretty easily. I’m used to toasting my spices to oil to get more flavor, rather than adding them straight to simmering soup or cooking veggies. The opposite is the correct choice in this case. Hold back and throw in the Roasted Garlic Powder after there’s some more moisture in the pan. You don’t need to toast it again and you’ll probably end up burning it. It can also burn when cooked in a hot dry environment such as coating roasted potatoes and rubbed onto roasted chicken. I avoid using it for these purposes.

Next the complaint. Roasted Garlic Powder has noticeably larger grains than traditional garlic powder and in some applications it can be an unpleasant texture. I originally expected it to sort of soften up when added to moisture, but it doesn’t. Similarly with soft vegetables. Too much Roasted Garlic Powder on wilted spinach can be gritty and distracting. I now use a lighter touch, but I wish the grains were smaller.

Overall, this is a pantry staple, my highest designation for a spice I cannot live without. I cannot recommend Penzey’s Roasted Garlic Powder highly enough. This product has changed the way I cook for the better. I experimented with using roasted garlic to make a homemade season salt. It is a fun ingredient to have around and adds a lot of complex flavor.

Homemade Roasty Toasty Seasoned Salt

I blend two of my favorite Penzey’s products, Roasted Garlic Powder and Smoked Paprika, with salt and pepper for a quick and easy seasoning blend that’s good on nearly everything. The roasted flavor from the garlic and the smokey flavor from the paprika add lots of depth and complex roasty toasty flavor.

¼ cup coarse kosher salt

2 tablespoons smoked paprika

2 tablespoons Roasted Garlic Powder

½ tablespoon black pepper.

Price at Time of Posting: $6.95 for ½ cup jar

Ingredients List: (no list)


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